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How It Works: Drag, Drop, Click & Done!

Using Polydojo is simple. Everyone can do it. No special IT background required.

(1) Build Forms

Building a form simply involves adding fields such as "Enter your name", or "Vendor's name". To add a field, just click 'Add Field' and follow the prompts. It's all drag and drop. No coding involved.

(2) Setup Workflows

Say you've built two forms: "Requisition Request" & "Requisition Approval". Just by listing these forms in order, you've defined a workflow! Let's say you'd like to call this the "Requisition Workflow".

(3) Approve Requests

When an employee clicks "Run" on the "Requisition Workflow", the "Requisition Request" form opens. The submitted request comes to you. You can approve it via the "Requisition Approval" form.

All of this, with ZERO code!

In case of larger, multi-department organizations, we should probably add at least two more forms to the workflow: "Order Recording" (for Finance) and "Initiator Intimation" (for the requester.)

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Repeatable Processes Bring Repeatable Profits

To improve productivity, you should hire great people, build a valuable product, and establish repeatable workflows. Polydojo's workflow builder will help you build and execute reliable processes. Establishing well-defined processes will help you save time, minimize mistakes and train your employees faster.

Build & Deploy Workflows In Minutes, Not Weeks

Traditionally, setting up even simple workflows like "Requisition Workflow" would involve hiring a software development firm, followed by "Specification" meetings and two weeks of waiting. No more! With Polydojo, you can build workflows in minutes, without writing a single line of code.

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Document Your Company's Policies

Does your company have specific hiring or safety policies? Are they easily & centrally accessible to employees? Polydojo includes an internal Knowledge Base, which you can use as a hub for documenting your policies & practices. This especially helps new employees get up-to-speed faster.

And Tell The World, If You'd Like!

Do you have a public "Admissions Policy" or "Refund Policy"? Our Knowledge Base can handle that too! If you mark a page as public, you'll be able to share with the whole world. Public pages are an effective tool for communicating your policies to prospective students, investors etc.

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Build forms with our sleek point-and-click builder. Choose from 20+ field types. Form build doesn't get better.


Use custom calculations and formulae. Not just simple addition, we support also square-roots, conditionals and more!


Embed Youtube videos in your forms. Videos are a great way for providing instructions or adding context to a form.

  Hidden Fields

Want to track data from your CRM or your website's authentication system? Sure! Do that with hidden fields.


Polydojo integrates with your email, informing you (if you'd like) of each and every form submission.

  Mobile Friendly

Want to use Polydojo on the go? Sure! You can access the web app from any modern mobile or tablet device.


In business and in life, trust is key. Please give us a chance to earn your trust. We won't let you down.

  Blazing Fast

We use cutting edge web technology. In comparison with others, our solutions are blazing fast.

  Made with Love!

Polydojo is hand-crafted with love. We cherish all our customers, and are grateful for their patronage.

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