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How & When Will I Be Billed? Will I Get An Invoice?

Automated Recurring Billing

Your card will be billed automatically, at the beginning of each billing period. The billing period, depending on your plan, may be monthly or yearly.

OTP Will NOT Be Generated

If you reside in a country where generation of One Time Pins (OTPs) is the norm, kindly note that an OTP will NOT be generated for recurring bills.

Automatic Invoice Generation

Each time you are billed, you shall receive a PDF invoice by email. All your invoices shall also be accessible via the online Invoice Portal. To access the Invoice Portal, go to:

  • Billing > Billing Menu > Invoice Portal > OK.

On the off chance that you do not receive an invoice by email, you may view or download it from the Invoice Portal, at any time.

Non-Card Billing (Yearly Plans)

If you've chosen to pay for your yearly plan by check or wire transfer, you shall receive payment-due invoices. Once the payment is made, the invoice will be marked as paid, and may be downloaded from the Invoice Portal. If you have any non-card billing queries, contact [email protected].