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How to collect payments via Stripe? (Stripe Integration)

Want to collect online payments on your form? Setup an integration with Stripe. It's easy!


  • A verified Stripe account. (If you don't already have one, you may sign up for one.)
  • A form with a 'Calculation' field for deciding the payment amount. (See this article for help.)
  • Recommended: Please try using a laptop/desktopĀ  while setting up this integration.


  1. If you aren't in the Integration Editor, go to Forms > Select your form > Integrate.
  2. Click 'Add Integration'. (This step is the same for all integrations.)
  3. Select 'Stripe - Collect payments using Stripe' as the 'Integrating Service'.
  4. To collect real payments, uncheck the the 'Test mode' box. (Learn more.)
  5. Click the blue 'Connect with Stripe' button. (Stripe will open in a new tab.)
  6. Please allow Polydojo to connect to your Stripe account by clicking the relevant button.
  7. Your Stripe Account ID will be shown to you. Please copy it (double-click, then Ctrl + C).
  8. Next, return to Poldyojo (in previous tab) and paste your 'Stripe Account ID' (Ctrl + V).
  9. Select a 'Calculation' field against 'Amount Field'. (This decides the charge amount.)
  10. Enter the 'Currency Code' (Eg. USD, EUR etc.) associated with your Stripe account.
  11. Click the orange 'Connect' button. You should see an integration success message.

Test mode:

Integrating with Stripe in 'Test mode' will allow you to test-out your integration with dummy card numbers. In test mode, no actual transaction occurs. But test mode is very useful for visualizing the payment flow. We recommend trying your form in test mode, before accepting real payments.

To use Test mode, check the 'Test mode' box and then click 'Connect with Stripe'. Once you are done trying-out your form in test mode, uncheck the 'Test mode' box and again click 'Connect with Stripe.' Make sure you re-copy-paste your 'Stripe Account ID' whenever your turn test mode on or off. (Your 'Stripe Account ID' may be different in different modes.)

Collecting Fixed-Amount Payments:

To collect fixed-amount payments, use a 'Calculation' field where the 'Expression' is set to a fixed amount such as 10.00, 15, 99.99 etc.

Collecting Respondent-Defined Payments:

To allow the form-filler to select the amount they'd like to pay, you'll need a 'Currency' (or 'Number') field with 'Variable' name set to amount (or something similar.) Then, add a 'Calculation' field with 'Expression' set to amount (or whatever 'Variable' name you chose for the 'Currency' field).

Amount Rounding:

The charge-amount will be rounded down to the smallest currency unit. For USD, the smallest unit is 1 cent. Thus, if your 'Calculation' field computes '9.87654', the charge-amount will be rounded down to '9.87'. For JPY, the smallest unit is 1 yen. Thus, '9.87654' will be rounded down to just '9'.


If any of these steps didn't work out for you, or if you have any questions, please write to [email protected]. We'll be happy to help.