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How to integrate a form with Google Sheets?

Want to tabulate submissions in a spreadsheet? Setup an integration with Google Sheets. It's Easy!


  • A Google/G-Suite account with access to Google Drive, and permission to share spreadsheets.
  • Recommended: Please try to use a desktop/laptop computer while setting up this integration.


  1. If you aren't in the Integration Editor, go to Forms > Select your form > Integrate.
  2. Click 'Add Integration'; select 'Google Sheets - Shared Spreadsheet' as 'Integrating Service'.
  3. Visit https://drive.google.com in a new tab (Ctrl + Click). (Sign in to Google if you aren't already.)
  4. Navigate to a folder of your choice and create a blank spreadsheet. (Or open an existing sheet.)
  5. Edit the spreadsheet's title and from the menu just below the title, go to File > Share.
  6. Share the sheet with [email protected] with 'Can edit' permission. (Why Formdojo?)
  7. While the spreadsheet is open, copy the URL in your browser's address bar (Ctrl + C).
    Eg. URL: <samp class="xSmall">https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Em69lAHSupFkoWZFMlAoQCJuiq2pfDNwEhV5blUSTes/edit#gid=0</samp>
  8. Return to Polydojo and paste the copied URL into 'Spreadsheet URL'.
  9. Click the orange 'Connect' button. You should see an integration success message.

Done! You've integrated with Google Sheets!

If you go back to the spreadsheet, your form's field labels should be populated as column headers. Successive form submissions would get automatically added to the spreadsheet, row-by-row.

Form Edits:

If you edit to your form after integrating with Google Sheets; especially if you add or remove form fields, please reconnect your integration by clicking the orange 'Reconnect' button.


If any of these steps didn't work out for you, or if you have any questions, please write to [email protected]. or call +1 (302) 480 1597. We'll be happy to help.