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How to send automatic confirmation emails to respondents?

To send automated confirmation emails to respondents, use the 'Email Confirmation' integration.


  • To send a confirmation email, we need to know the respondent's email address.
  • Thus, please ensure that your form includes a mandatory field of type 'Email'.

Integration Setup:

  1. If you aren't in the Integration Editor, go to Forms > Select your form > Integrate.
  2. Click 'Add Integration'; and select 'Email Confirmation' against 'Integrating Service'.
  3. Against 'Send To', select the form field that shall receive the confirmation. (See prerequisite.)
  4. Enter 'Sender's Name'. This will appear in the From column of the confirmation email.
  5. Replies to the confirmation email will be sent to the 'Reply To' address. Enter your email here.
  6. Setup the 'Email Subject' and 'Confirmation Message' that the respondent will receive.
  7. If you'd like, check 'Include a copy of the respondent's submission.' (Self explanatory.)
  8. Click the orange 'Connect' button.

Make sure that your integration settings are saved. (Use the 'Save' button.)

Test it out!

We recommend testing all integrations before sharing your form. Just go to Forms > Select your form > Fill. Submit the form and ensure that your integrations are working as expected.