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How to get email notifications when people submit my form?

To get notified of form submissions, use the 'Email Notification' integration.

  1. If you aren't in the Integration Editor, go to Forms > Select your form > Integrate.
  2. Click 'Add Integration'; and select 'Email Notification' against 'Integrating Service'.
  3. Enter your (or your co-worker's) email address against 'Send To'.
  4. Click the orange 'Connect' button. (We'll soon explain what 'Set Reply To' does.)

Make sure that your integration settings are saved. (Use the 'Save' button.)

What does 'Set Reply To' do?

  • By default, notification emails are from [email protected].
  • Thus, if you reply to a notification email, the reply will go to [email protected].
  • Typically, that's not what you want.
  • If you set a reply-to email address, replies will go to that address instead. Easy.