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How to accept spreadsheet-data via forms? (CSV Pastebox)

To allow your respondents to copy-paste from spreadsheets, just add a 'CSV Pastebox' field.

What is CSV?

CSV stands for Comma Separated Values. It's a (file) format for storing tabular, spreadsheet-like information. It's compatible Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and most other spreadsheet software.

How does CSV Pastebox work?

When you copy-paste information from a spreadsheet into Polydojo's CSV Pastebox field, the information is auto-formatted as CSV. To ensure that the information is correctly auto-formatted, you can use the 'Preview' button toward the bottom-right corner of the pastebox.

When viewing a folio, information pasted into CSV Pastebox fields is shown with proper tabular formatting, at the foot of the concerned submission.

When is this useful?

The CSV Pastebox proves handy in situations where you foresee the respondent's need to enter tabular information; but aren't quite sure about the columns or structure of such table.