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What's an Image URL? How do I get one?

What's an Image URL?

Images on the Internet have direct URLs. And to add an image to your Polydojo form, you'll need the image's URL. Consider the following image/meme:

The meme's (i.e. image's) URL is: https://i.imgflip.com/265n7x.jpg. Try clicking on it!

Getting Image URLs:

On Chrome, right-click on the image and choose 'Copy image address'. On Firefox, right-click and select 'Choose Image Location'. Other browsers too have a similar right-click based options.

Uploading Images From Your Computer:

Polydojo engineers are currently working on introducing a computer-uploaded images.

In the mean time, you may use a 3rd party service to host your image and get it's URL. Free image hosting services include Imgur, ImgBB, TinyPic etc. Please read their terms before uploading images.