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What does 'Polydojo' mean? (The Story)

It Started As Formdojo

Polydojo was originally a single-page form builder, called Formdojo. A dojo is a place where you hone your skills in (martial) arts. We thought of Formdojo as the place where one hones their skills in the art of creating awesome forms. (Try visiting Formdojo.com, you'll be redirected Polydojo.com.)

Learning From Users

Even today, we routinely interact with our users. Many of our users were (and still are) corporations. We learned that instead of being limited to single-step forms, companies like to create multi-stage form sequences. That way, they'll be able to not only receive but also review and approve requests.

Workflows + Knowledge Base

Based on what we'd learned from our customers, we decided to implement multi-form Workflow Management. We also realized that companies would benefit from a centralized place for documenting their workflows and procedures, so we introduced Knowledge Base management.

Formdojo Became Polydojo

Formdojo was no longer just about forms. Clearly, we need to change our name. But we didn't want to change it completely. We picked Polydojo. In January 2017, Polydojo, Inc. was incorporated.