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Creating Your First Form (5 mins)

OK! It's now time to create your first Form. Using Polydojo, you can create any you like. In this article, we'll walk you through building a 'Get A Quote' form that you could embed on your website.

Let's say that your company offers operational consultancy services. You help clients identify and remove bottlenecks from their business operations. The 'Get a Quote' form we'll build today would go on your website, so that prospective clients can contact you to get a quote for your services.

Creating Your First Form

1. From the dropdown menu toward the top right, go to Forms.

2. Click the blue Create button and choose Start From Scratch.

3. A dialog will appear, asking you to enter the title of your new form. Enter 'Get A Quote'.

4. Click Add Field. A dialog for selecting field-type will appear. Choose the first option, Short Answer.

5. It's now time to configure your first field. Let's begin!

  • You should see a light-yellow box with a dashed border. That's the field editor.
  • Above the field editor, you should also see an empty input field. That's your field preview.
  • Any changes you make in the yellow field editor will be reflected in the field preview.
  • Now, in the yellow field editor, against Label, type 'Company Name'.
  • Almost immediately, the field preview (above the yellow box) will read 'Company Name'.
  • Now, check the box labeled 'Mark as mandatory' and finally click Done.

 > Great! You've added and configured your first field! Let's add a few more:

6. Click Add Field again and select type Name. Make it mandatory by and click Done.

7. Add another field, this time of type Email.  ...  Mark as mandatory.  ...  Done.

8. Your form should now have three fields. Let's add just one more field:

  • Click Add Field and select type Long Answer.
  • Label the field as 'How can we help you?'.
  • Mark the field as mandatory and also check 'Show more configuration options.'
  • Against 'Help Text', type 'Please feel free to ask questions. We'll soon get back to you.'
  • Finally, click Done.

> Great! You've just built your first form! Congratulations!

9. Click Save or use Ctrl + S to save the form. (On desktops/laptops, Ctrl + S may be easier.)

Setup Email Notifications

10. Let's say that whenever someone fills your form, you want to be notified by email. Let's set that up:

  • Click On to Integrations. (Its located below the Add Field button.)
  • Click Add Integration. You should now see the integration configuration menu on screen.
  • From the Integrating Service dropdown, choose 'Email Notification ...' (the first option.)
  • In the Send To box, enter your email address. (You'll be notified at email entered here.)
  • Leave the Set Reply To box empty for now. (See this article to know more.)
  • Click the Connect.

> That's it! Not only have you created your first form, you've integrated it with your email! Awesome!

Sharing & Using Your Form

11. It's time to try-out your form. Scroll down and click Back to Forms. Then:

  • You should now be in the Forms section and your 'Get A Quote' form should be listed.
  • Click on 'Get A Quote' and select Share. A sharing dialog will appear.
  • The dialog shall include your form's (unique) Link and Embed Code.
  • If you share the form's Link with someone over email, Facebook etc., they can fill your form.
  • You can also embed the form on your website by copy-pasting the embed code.
  • For now, click the Open button toward bottom right of the form's sharing Link.
  • Your form will open in a new tab. Fill it out and then check your email inbox.
  • If everything goes smoothly, you'll receive an email, notifying you of the submission.

> Finally, it's all done. You've just created a form, integrated it with email and tested it out!

Fiddle Around

You've put in some hard work. But you've also reaped it's reward! You know have the skills, in essence, to build any form you want! Here are just a few examples of forms you can build next:

  • Job Application Form
  • Event Registration Form
  • Customer Feedback Form
  • Contest Entry Form
  • ... And many more!

And yes, apart from sending emails, Polydojo forms can do a lot more. Integrating Services include:

  • Slack
  • Google Sheets
  • Zapier
  • Webhooks
  • ... And more. (And we're always adding new ones.)


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact [email protected]. We'll be more than glad to assist you. There are no silly questions, so please don't hesitate to contact us