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Invite Co-workers! (2 mins)

In this article, we'll help you invite your co-workers to join your Polydojo Organization.

Inviting Your Co-Workers:

1. From the dropdown menu toward the top-right corner, go to Organization.

2. Optional: To rename your Organization, click Edit Name and enter a name of your choice.

3. Click Invite. The invitation panel will appear.

4. Type in a co-worker's name and email address; click the Invite button inside the panel.

5. Repeat step 4 for each co-worker that you'd like to invite to your Polydojo Organization.

6. To close the invitation panel, click the Invite × button toward the top.

How Invitations Work:

Each co-worker that you've invited will receive an invitation email to join your Polydojo Organization. The email will include a big Join Now button. When a co-worker clicks Join Now, they will be asked to pick their own password, which they'll need to login to Polydojo in the future.

If a co-worker hasn't received their invitation email within 5 minutes, please ask them to check their Spam folder. If there's still no invitation email, click on the co-worker's name and choose Reinvite.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact [email protected]. We'll be more than glad to assist you. There are no silly questions, so please don't hesitate ask anything.