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  Polydojo Support


Sign Up! (2 mins)

To sign up for Polydojo, just head over to polydojo.com/signup.

Note: If you're interested in joining an existing Polydojo Organization, please skip this article. To join an existing Polydojo Organization, you'll need an email invitation from that Organization.

Signing Up and creating a new Polydojo Organization:

1. Go to polydojo.com/signup or just click here.

2. Fill & submit the Sign Up form. Please ensure that you type-in your email address correctly.

3. On your phone, or in a new browser tab, check your email inbox. (Also check spam.)

4. You should see an email from Polydojo with your account confirmation code.

5. Type your confirmation code into Polydojo and submit the confirmation form.

6. That's it! Within a few seconds, your Polydojo Organization would've been setup.


If you have any questions, please call +1 (302) 480 1597 to write to [email protected]. We'll be happy to help.